Bryan Free plays music in Portland.  Sometimes he ventures elsewhere.  He plays the piano.  He also plays the synth.  I think—in middle school—he played the trombone.  At shows there is a computer which plays the beats and another guy who plays the bass. 


If you are a promoter, or a club, or a label, or some other fancy managerial title, this bio is not intended to sell you on anything.  In fact, you’ve nearly reached its end.  If you’re concerned with credentials, Bryan can be reached via email [ info at bryan free dot com ].  If you’re interested in drawn-out dramatics and the epic story of Bryan’s musical journey, listen to the music, skip the bio.  Or search the web.  There are plenty of romantics out there.


One last thing: I wrote this bio.  Bryan did.  Sorry for the third-person references, but I’m trying to impress you in every way possible, and it’s tough to be personal and still appear daunting.